Just like any other bloke the Grooms Wedding Speech was never something I really worried about when me and my fiancee decided to get married.  Like most men I pushed it to the back of my mind thinking it’ll be alright on the night.

But about three weeks before the big day I went to a good friends wedding and he made a complete arse of himself with his grooms speech (sorry Barry!).

And what really bothered me was this guy had the gift of the gab.  He admitted later that he thought it would be easy so did not prepare until he was in the bar the night before. The best t-shirt designs at teejunction.com.au can be found here.

In normal circumstances I would have found the whole thing quite funny, but I knew it would be me in a few weeks.

So, maybe like you, with a few weeks to go I realised I did not have the first clue about a good grooms speech.  I wanted to give a cracking speech, funny, poignant and basically something I could be proud of when I watched the DVD back.

Planning has never been my strong point but I realised I had to get something down on paper  before the big day.

After watching my mate make a complete idiot of himself I don’t mind admitting my bottle had gone a bit, but now looking back I realise seeing him stopped me making exactly the same mistakes.

So the first thing I realised is that I needed to plan the Groom Speech early and I got cracking with a couple of weeks to spare.

So my advice is to get your grooms wedding speech planned out  early, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Writing Your Groom Wedding Speech – Where to Begin

When I came to write down the Grooms Speech I didn’t really know where to start, I had writers block.  I Googled Wedding Speech Examples which really helped and I found one great resource that gave me 20 ready made speeches all written by a professional speech writer.

It did walk you through how to write your own groom speech from scratch but to I used one of the professionally pre written speeches.  I changed a tiny bit, but basically all I did was drop the right name’s and place in for most of it.

It even gave me a stack of one liners to use which pi**ed off the best man!

If you want to write your Groom Speech totally by yourself it gives you the exact structure you should follow and exactly when to be funny and when to be more poignant.

If you are going to write the speech yourself I would suggest you begin by writing down bullet points about your fiancee, how you met, who asked who out, how the relationship developed, where you have visited together and any important things that have happened in your lives since you have been together.

If you can include any stories about how you have made a fool of yourself in front of your fiancee, they always go down well.  In fact your bride may want to use some of these stories if she decides to do a Bridegroom Wedding Speech.

Writing Ideas Down and Putting Them to Work

If you write down as many ideas down as you can you begin to get the story of your relationship.  Once you get to this point you have done the hard part, all that remains is to put some order to it and choosing the best stories.

As I said I used  Groom Wedding Speech Examples to give me ideas and to help me plan the order of the speech.  You can use Wedding Speech Examples as I did or go it alone by  picking your favourite stories, planning out who you must thank and when, as well as placing the heartfelt parts of the speech in the right place.

If you want to check out the website I used you can visit it by CLICKING HERE..  I’ll admit to being a bit tight but these speeches took the stress out of the day and they came with a 60 day money back guarantee so I did not see how I could lose.  They are definitely worth checking out.

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to writing your Groom Wedding Speech is to start early and don’t worry about how good the content is.  Just write down as many ideas as you can, I promise you will have some gems of ideas in there, it’s just a case of choosing them.

Good luck with the big day and I hope your speech is as successful as mine was.

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Funny Groom Wedding Speeches


Funny Groom Speeches always go down well with the audience so I can recommend adding a few funny jokes or stories to your Groom Speech.  It’s your day as well and you don’t want the best mans speech to get all the laughs!

The best thing about telling a few funny stories is the laughter relaxes you and gives you confidence.  I’m not a natural speaker and without the Wedding Speech Examples and funny stories I told I doubt I would have made it through the speech.

In all seriousness I think sprinkling your speech with a bit of humour helps you and the rest of the guests to relax and enjoy the day.  I’m sure you would agree that any totally serious Wedding Speech seems to drag on and on.

Funny Grooms Speech – Keeping The Guests Involved

I found that adding some jokes and stories kept the audience involved and held their attention.  However there are some rules you must follow as I found out when I read Groom Wedding Speeches before my big day.

First of all you still want your Grooms Speech to be heartfelt, so I think it is best to start with something serious and finish with something poignant.  You can sprinkle the middle of the groom’s speech with some funny stories and jokes.

Be careful not to offend anyone, particularly the bride or any of her family, otherwise your Wedding Day will be memorable for all the wrong reasons!

Making Fun of Yourself

The funniest Groom Speeches are when the Groom also pokes fun at himself, this always goes down well with the guests.  I also followed this technique and it stopped me getting too emotional on the day.

Remember to involve the audience, making sure you don’t fix your gaze in one place.  It is always best to look around the room which will keep the guests focused on you and your speech.

When you are delivering your Grooms Speech make sure you deliver it in a friendly way.  Remember this is not a work presentation so stay relaxed.  A great tip I got from one of the Wedding Speech Examples I got was to talk to the audience as if I was talking to a friend at a bar.  This helped relax me and I’m sure it will do the same for you.

One of the little jokes that went down well in my Groom Wedding Speech poked fun gently at the bride and got a good laugh.  You can use it but remember to change the names!

“I must confess I tricked (bride’s name) in to marrying me… (long  pause)  I told her she was pregnant”.

This little joke was one that was non offensive and appealed to the whole audience, feel free to use it.

I’m sure these little tips will set you on your way to having a funny grooms speech, to really help you on your way you might want to try a few wedding speech examples, they practically wrote my speech for me.  You can visit the site of the groom speech examples that helped me  by CLICKING HERE.

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Groom Wedding Speech Examples – My Secret Weapon

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Groom Wedding Speech Examples probably saved me from me being a bag of nerves on the day, allowing me to enjoy the experience from start to finish.  My only regret is I did not get some Wedding Speech Examples earlier.

The Groom Wedding Speech Examples helped me a lot and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  As I said before they initially helped me to start writing, giving me lots of ideas for the Grooms Speech itself even though previously I had completely blanked out.

Making The Speech Less Stressful

The best part of these examples is they give you various templates with ideas of what types of things to say when, but they also  give you plenty of room to make your speech personal and unique.  I know nobody at my wedding would have guessed I had help from a Groom Wedding Speech Example.

The Wedding Speech Example that I used laid everything out nice and simple for me, with example layouts, topics, prompts, ideas and the proper Groom Wedding Speech etiquette.

The kind of areas they cover:

  • They break down the order of the Grooms Speech
  • They tell you the do’s and don’ts (good for me because I usually put my foot in it)
  • Tell you everyone you should thank (massively important!)
  • Prompts you on idea’s for stories
  • Gives you some cool non offensive  jokes you can tell
  • Gives you ideas on how to express your feelings (never easy for us guys!)
  • How to talk about your Bride’s personality
  • How to get some involvement from the audience

Although I have not covered everything that Groom Wedding Speech examples give you, hopefully this gives you an idea of why it helped my Groom Speech be so successful.  Having everything from the order of the wedding speech, through to what I should and more importantly should not say meant I really could not put a foot wrong.

Getting the Speech the Right Length

Another really important part of your Groom Wedding Speech is to make sure it does not go on too long.  The Groom Speech examples really helped me keep to the point, keeping the length just right.  I did not want it to be too short but also did not want my speech to drag on and become boring.  The Groom Speech Examples layout made sure I got my timing spot on.

If you want to cut down the stress and nerves on your big day I would recommend you search out some Groom Wedding Speech examples like I did.  Use the one I used which is in the top right or CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR SITE .  Or you could search the internet for Groom Wedding Speeches, my wedding speech planner certainly made sure I gave a speech to remember.

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Groom Toasts – Avoid Disaster

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When it comes to your Groom Toasts you don’t have to be the best groom there has ever been, but you definitely don’t want to upset anyone.  I could live with not having the funniest Grooms Speech ever but I did not want to upset anyone.

To help you avoid disaster I’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you.

Focusing on the Bride

The most important point is to make sure the Grooms Speech focuses on the bride, your speech should be for her.  I wanted to make my bride the princess for the day, this may seem a little mushy but it goes down well with the bride.  After all many girls their wedding day is something they have dreamt of for years and as I’m sure you are finding out they want everything to be absolutely perfect.

So remember to focus on the bride, but don’t make jokes at her expense or be crude in anyway.  Even if you think you have a really funny joke about her don’t go there, believe me I’ve seen it happen and either the Bride or a member of the Bride’s family takes it really bad.

Groom Toasts – Things to Be Avoided

Another potential disastrous topic is the D word, Divorce.  Again it may seem funny to you and your friends to joke about Divorce, but believe me give it a miss, you will regret it later.

The real disastrous Groom Wedding Speeches all have one common element… Alcohol.  On the day it can be tempting to guzzle a ton of Alcohol to settle those nerves before your Grooms Speech.  But don’t do it.

If you drink too much you will not stick to the planned Groom Toast and are likely to say something that you will later regret.  Personally I stuck to two glasses of Wine before my Groom Wedding Speech, this was enough to settle the nerves but not so much that I could not deliver my planned speech.

My final tip to avoid a disastrous Groom Toast is to plan ahead.  Don’t be like me, get some groom speech ideas early on and make sure you start scribbling some notes early on.  I’m sure if you avoid the pitfalls above you will give a fantastic toast.

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Groom Wedding Speech – Keeping Everyone Happy

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When I was focused on my Groom Wedding Speech I was adamant I would not upset anyone. It was also important to make everyone happy. This is quite a task when you add the nerves together with everything else you have to remember.

In your Grooms Wedding Speech it is always a great idea to do all of the thank you’s first. It’s a good idea to do it first as you have a lot of people to remember, once you get that out of the way you tend to relax more.

Your thank you’s should start with your Bride, forget this at your peril! Thank her for agreeing to make you the luckiest man alive and tell her how fantastic she looks. Obviously this is a guideline and you will want to add more to this particular part of the thank you’s.

It is also a good idea to thank the Father of the Bride for his speech and the rest of the Bride’s family. In the Groom Wedding Speech also don’t forget to mention the bridesmaids, maids of honour and best man. There may be other people as well but remember to write them down, it’s really easy to forget someone.

I would also suggest you jot down the names of the important people you may need to mention. Remembering actual name’s rather than just their role at the wedding is a really nice touch and the people involved will appreciate it.

Flattering the Bride & Your Family

After the thank you’s it’s a good idea to move on to how you met the Bride. This is when your earlier preparation and Groom Wedding Speech planning will really help you. It’s also a great place to get an early round of applause with your heartfelt stories. These poignant stories always please the guests, particularly the ladies.

After you have made the Bride feel really special make sure you don’t fall for the most common Groom Speech mistake, forgetting your own family. It’s sometimes difficult as a man to tell your family how you really feel for them, well this is your chance.

Thank your parents individually and add in a little story of how they have helped or looked after you in the past. This is probably the only chance you will ever have to publicly let your parents know how special they are to you.

Your Wedding day is about celebration your love for your bride. But with a little bit of planning your Groom Wedding Speech can make everyone, particularly your family feel really special.

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The Groom Wedding Speech – Being Traditional

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My first idea for my Groom Speech was to do something really funky,  a bit way out there.  I thought this was the best way to make my Groom Wedding Speech memorable.

This gave me two huge problems.  How to be totally different and how to structure the speech itself.

Now you may have had similar ideas yourself especially if you’re getting married in a non traditional way like on a beach or even in a bar (as my friend did)!

The Groom Wedding Speech – Its Real Purpose

After doing a little research with the Groom Wedding Speech examples I realised something very, very important. The idea of the Grooms Wedding Speech is not to steal the limelight with a wacky speech.

I soon realised that my Groom Speech had to be funny, poignant but most of all was going to make sure the attention stayed on the bride.  In any wedding, including the wedding speeches the focus of attention should be on the bridegroom.

If your Grooms Speech stays traditional and focuses on the bride you really cannot lose, the bride will be delighted and so will her family and friends, which is half the audience after all!

Having Fun With Your Speech

I followed the advice I got from Groom Wedding Speeches and stayed traditional, thanking the right people at the right time, telling poignant stories about me and the bride, but it also allowed me to put in some fun and personality.  So don’t think by following a traditional Grooms Speech format that you won’t have fun.  Without a doubt you can still have fun and be original with your Groom Wedding Speech .  By following a proven successful path you know you won’t upset anyone and won’t be stuck for things to say.

To make sure all of your wedding speeches are original I suggest you coordinate the best man speech, the father of the groom wedding speech and the bridegroom wedding  speech (if the bride decides to speak) to make sure you don’t overlap and tell the same stories.

If some of the stories do overlap it can work really well if the bride’s wedding speech and the Groom Wedding Speech cover the same story but from a different perspective.

In the Groom Wedding Speech you can explain how the Bride was very keen on you from day one, while during the bride’s wedding speech your wife (yep she will be your wife now!) can describe how you chased her for a long time and she was not very keen.  If you work hard on these types of Wedding Speeches they can work very well.

Whatever you decide to cover in your Groom Wedding Speech I recommend you stick to a traditional Groom Speech similar to the one’s you can find in Groom Wedding Speech Examples.

Good luck for the big day!